General information


The Vetoquinol Mobility Program (VMP) is a comprehensive method of multimodal osteoarthritis management in dogs and cats combining both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical solutions in order to provide pain relief, improved quality of life and return to function.

The 3 principal components of the VMP include:


 Cimalgex®, a Cox-II specific NSAID for acute and chronic pain relief in dogs


 Flexadin Advanced®, a nutritional supplement containing undenatured Type-II collagen which has been shown to reduce inflammation by a mechanism called oral tolerance


 Veterinary rehabilitation therapy to both diminish pain and improve function


The VMP Clinical Study Grant Program is aimed at supporting research which will demonstrate the clinical use of one or more of the principal components of the program.




 Applicants must be a veterinarian either with or in the process of obtaining an advanced degree. Proposals that include interns, residents or graduate students must have a sponsor in a faculty position or postdoctoral career appointment at the same institute  

 Proposals will be submitted using the format below and will be evaluated based upon the scientific interest of the research and the feasibility of timely completion and publication  

 The maximum award available for each study is 50 000 Euros  

 Maximum time for completion of the study is two years 

 The primary aim of the award is to publish the research in a peer-reviewed veterinary journal 

 Investigators will comply with all local ethical requirements 

 Reports of progress will be made every six months 

 Vetoquinol will be acknowledged in any publication


Selection of Awards


The selection committee for 2018 is chaired by Dr. Felix Duerr, Dr. med. vet., MS, Diplomate,  American and European College of Veterinary Surgeons and American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Associate Professor of Small Animal Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation  and Orthopedics at Colorado State University. The remainder of the Committee will be composed of Vetoquinol personnel across divisions and disciplines based on the relevance of the research proposed. Vetoquinol may use other academic consultants under confidentiality agreements to help with the review process. 

Research grant(s) that centers on the clinical use of one or more of the principal components of the program can be funded for up to a total of 50 000 Euros. 

 Selection criteria
The objective of the Grant Program is to fund research for management of osteoarthritis which will result in publication in a peer reviewed veterinary journal. Research Study proposals will be evaluated based upon the scientific interest of the research and the feasibility of timely completion and publication. 

 Intellectual property
It is expressly understood and agreed by the Candidates and particularly the Winner(s) that any patentable results of the Research Study will be solely owned by VETOQUINOL which shall alone decide to file patent application based on said results. In the event that the filing of a patent application is being contemplated by VETOQUINOL any publication or communication related to the results shall be deferred upon VETOQUINOL’s mere request, which deferral shall last until the application is published.




A budget should be included with divisions by major categories of expense if possible (e.g. animal care, laboratory assays, purchase of study drug…). Itemized budgets will be required if the project is selected for funding. The maximum budget amount is 50,000 Euros. Residual funds will be required to be returned at the end of (2) years. The VMP grant will NOT pay for full-time faculty salaries, the purchase of laboratory equipment, or overhead fees



The timeline should be included with appropriate major milestones.

How to submit?


To submit your grant, please read the rules and create your proposal following the guidelines provided. Once your proposal is complete, please upload it using the form provided on this website



> For questions or problems, please contact your technical advisor.


Deadline for submission: 2018, October 1st

Results of grant allocation: 2018, December